Amador County Animal Response Team
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Small Animal
Keep these with your family evacuation kit

•  List of animals on property in the event you are
   not home
•  ID for each pet: registration, photo, proof of your
•  Laminated emergency contact list (vet, work
   contact information)
•  Vaccination records, emergency cash, map of
•  3-7 days feed, water & bowl for each animal
•  Leash & collar for each cat & dog
•  Carrier for each cat & dog, label each carrier with
   your ID
•  Muzzle for each cat & dog
•  Pillowcase & shoelace for each cat or reptile
   easier to catch)
•  Large DRY cotton bandanna for eyes
•  Cover for bird cages
•  Litter & disposable pan for cats
•  Blankets, bedding for pets
•  Stakes, tie outs
•  Newspaper, paper towels
•  Tools: small pet First Aid Kit, scissors, duct tape,
   pocket knife, flashlight & batteries, leather gloves

For recommended family emergency kit click here.

Large Animal
Keep these in a bucket in the barn

•  List of animals on property in the event you
   are not home

•  ID for your animals: livestock crayon,
   fluorescent spray paint or duct tape (use your
   name or phone number)

•  Laminated emergency contact list (vet, farrier,
   work contact information)

•  Vaccination records, emergency cash, map of

•  3 days feed & water for each animal, cotton or
   leather halter & lead rope

•  Fly mask, large DRY cotton bandanna for

•  Blankets

•  Tools: large animal First Aid Kit, large pair of
   scissors to trim mane & tail, wire cutter, small
   roll lightweight wire, duct tape, zip ties, hoof
   pick, hoof knife, pocket knife, flashlight &
   batteries, leather gloves.

​What to expect upon arrival at the shelter facility…
There will be signs leading you to the check-in area where you will complete intake forms. Your animals will be ID’d and taken to their facility. Please be prepared to show proof of rabies vaccination and bring medications and special instructions for your animals if needed. You will then be directed to the American Red Cross Shelter.

Do not leave your animals at home!
Get them to a prearranged shelter location with family or friends, or bring them to the public emergency shelter.

American Red Cross disaster shelters are not allowed to accept pets. Only service animals who assist owners with disabilities are add text.

Plan for Disaster
Do not wait until the event !!!!
Arrange with family/friends who might temporarily house your animals
Have your animal “Go Bucket” and/or “Evac Kit” ready to grab
If animals have medications, pack them
Make copies of vaccination records and include in the “Go Bucket” and/or “Evac Kit”
If you have large animals, plan ahead!
If you are unable to transport livestock yourself, arrange transportation for livestock before a disaster strikes. Please have 3 days worth of supplies, food and medications. ACART will have facilities for animals, large and small, including birds and livestock, allowing you to concentrate on the safety and needs of your family.

                             Download Preparedness Presentation by Backcountry Horsemen of California